Greek or Secret Life

<p>Anyone watch these abc family shows??</p>

<p>secret life cracks me up, i don't really understand it.. the girl gets pregnant, the girl's mom gets pregnant.. um, i think that's the entire storyline right there, save a few "touching/growth/emotional" moments. i don't understand its hype, anyone care to explain it to me ?</p>

<p>One Tree Hill FTW.</p>

<p>greek is really good, but secret life got stupid after like 5 episodes</p>

<p>Secret Life got stupid after the promos. I don't even have to watch the shows, I know what goes on from the ads lol</p>

<p>I tried to watch it once- HORRIBLE acting and writing! X0 still traumatized</p>

<p>i only watch secret life because it is so stupid that its entertaining!
<em>new season tonight!</em></p>

<p>Anyone watch gossip girl?</p>

<p>oh man , gossip girl's a joke.</p>

<p>i'm pretty sure the only reason why they're still on air is because of chace crawford's abs. mmmm!
on an unrelated note, did anyone else hear that chace was arrested of um, pot possession? tragic!</p>

<p>greek all the way, secret life can't even compare</p>

<p>I saw that on the news bigcitylights. He seemed nice even though I don't watch gossip girl.</p>

<p>I love Greek! Secret life is so dumb, almost as dumb as Make It or Break It. Yuck!</p>

<p>OMG! Chace Crawford= only hot pretty boy alive :)</p>

<p>secret lifes dumb, but i love greek!!! beaver=omg so hot!! and i love cappie too! rusty is a little creepy and evan is meh.</p>

<p>I used to love One Tree Hill, but the original cast left and now I don't really like it. I think the only reason I like Secret Life is because of Ricky. I think he's hot. :) Haha. Okay that was too much information but come on. And he's such a jerk. Teehee. I've never watched Greek before; I should try it out. :)</p>