Greek Scene for International Student

<p>Excuse me, as a international student from asia, i have been considering Lehigh for a long time, but i fail to make the decision, just for the Greek lifestyle...
I wanna know do life in Lehigh looks exactly like what have been shown in 'American Pie Presents: Beta House'. The movie is just on my limitation, not below nor beyond but just on...
So I wanna get the advice from all you guys whether Lehigh should be a wonderful option for me? (I intend to study finance or economics)
Thank you all.</p>

<p>have you visited lehigh? i suggest you spend the day here and see everything for yourself.</p>

<p>i can tell you that around 40% of students join greek life, and usually, international students do not join.</p>

<p>greek life= lots of community service and special events on campus that raise money for charitable organizations; parties tues, wed, thurs, fri, sat nights (with tuesdays, thursdays and fridays being the most popular nights to go out)... you do not have to party all the time.. your choice; best friends that you may not have met if you had not joined a frat/sorority; TONS of resources from the office of fraternity and sorority affairs and the national headquarters of your frat/sorority (free trips to leadership programs, greek conferences, etc.)</p>

<p>if you have any more questions, feel free to PM me</p>