greeks at villanova

<p>Can anyone tell me which sororities at Villanova are considered the harder ones to pledge? Or what the various reputations of the sororities are? Is Greek life big at Villanova? a neighbor told me that Kappa Gamma, Tri Delta and AXO were good when he was there</p>

<p>My D is an AXO so of course I'm biased ;) When you get on campus you'll hear all the stereotypes for each sorority. These stereotypes or reputations are not always tru. It's hard to say that one is better than another but you'll find one that is a good fit for you.</p>

<p>Yes, the top 3 are Tri Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and AXO.
The "second tier" would be Alpha Phi, Kappa Delta, and Delta Gamma
The "third tier" would be Chi Omega, Pi Phi, and ADPi.</p>

<p>their stereotypes:</p>

<p>tri-delta: prettiest/outgoing
KKG: rich girls, supposedly the "coke" sorority but im not sure how true that is
AXO: not really any stereotypes i guess, some are pretty, some aren't, kinda random assortment of girls
delta gamma: preppy</p>

<p>the others dont really have stereotypes... good luck!</p>

<p>I would agree with what dancing bear said, except I would put Chi Omega in the "second tier" as well. Pi Phi and ADPi are really in a class of their own. From what I've heard, Chi O might have been lumped in with Pi Phi and ADPi in the past, but with in the last 5 years have really turned their rep around and is now considered to be more on par with sororities like Kappa Delta and Alpha Phi.</p>

<p>Is it hard to get into a good sorority? I've heard some friends in larger schools say you need recommendations and that girl's with Mom's in a sorority don't get in.</p>

<p>sorority rush is pretty cut throat from what i've seen. Depending on what sorority you want to get in makes a huge difference on how hard it is. axo, tri delt, and kkg are the best ones and the hardest to get into. Either way being in a sorority is a definite plus at Villanova. Social events are awesome and things like greek week and philanthropy make it worth it</p>

<p>on a side note coming from a greek guy, chiO is definately not on par with alpha phi haha</p>

<p>my d graduated in 2005 from business school. had a job before she graduated, she was a marketing and finance major. she was also in kappa kapa gamma. she told me the cokehead thing is a nasty rumor, from about 10 years ago. totally loved the sorority made her whole college experience. she was involved with special olympics and raising money for the Susan Komen Foundation. you do not need a recommendation to get in.. my son was also accepted this year in the business school...we sat on the ends of our seats for his acceptance..he is in the top 15% of his class, although they do not rank. we couldn't be happier.... we think nova is the best!!! my middle son was at franklin and marshall and we didn't have the same warm fuzzy feelings</p>

<p>It is very nice to hear your comments about Vilanova.My daughter also was accepted business school,but she doesn't know so much about this university,because this is her saftey school. I will let her know your comments. Thanks.</p>

<p>polar bear, </p>

<p>you can send me a private message and i can answer any questions that you might have. we love nova!!!</p>

<p>As someone who is very involved in Greek Life at Villanova, I have to say I think you're in for a very big surprise when it comes to recruitment. I was surprised myself. </p>

<p>I definitely came in thinking I knew everything about the chapters from older friends and from the word on the street and I couldn't have been more wrong.</p>

<p>I can honestly say, even as someone with friends in every other chapter & even as someone who often gets to see what goes on in the inner workings of other chapters--you don't know the half of it till you're in. Each chapter is truly incredible & offers girls similar, but personalized & irreplaceable experiences over their 3 1/2 years in the chapter. </p>

<p>Joining one chapter isn't about joining "the best". Every single chapter on campus is the best. Many are very well recognized by their national organization. Every single chapter puts in a lot of work to remain on campus amidst HUNDREDS of requests for expansion (or more, new chapters) that Greek Life receives every year. </p>

<p>Greek Life at Villanova is not competitive between chapters, at least compared to other greek schools. It's not by any means a "greek school"--even though lots of people are involved with Greek Life. There are very friendly relationships between all chapters. There really is no one trying to be "the best" and there certainly isn't anyone ranking "the best", so I'm not entirely sure where this all come from.</p>

<p>Joining Greek Life is about choosing the chapter that's right for you. Personalities vary between chapters, not the quality or caliber or intelligence of girls. Once you're IN recruitment, you'll understand. I walked into what I thought would be my top chapter, only to find I couldn't connect with any of the girls. They were so nice, and really smart & sociable, but I couldn't see these girls as my bridesmaids or best friends for the next three years. I found that in a completely unexpected place. There were other chapters I also considered that I had totally written off based on stereotypes and I found I had a lot in common with them too. </p>

<p>It really is true what they always say, "From the outside looking in, you could never understand it. From the inside looking out you could never explain it." </p>

<p>From one gossip girl to another, let go of the stereotypes. Don't try to join "the best"--try to find the right place for you and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. With 9 chapters on campus, you're bound to find one that fits. </p>

<p>Good luck & Go Cats!</p>

<p>since this is still the top search when you google about villanova's sorority rankings, i want everyone who reads this now to realize most of the previous posts were made years ago.
the rankings have DEFINITELY changed. ADPi isn't even a sorority anymore for starters. Also, just this past recruitment, all of the sororities got pledge classes that BARELY reflect what their previous "style"/"type"/"look" was, which will make the rankings change even more. If you choose to participate in rush, go in with an open mind and be yourself because you will end up where you're supposed to - and if it's anything like this year, how the members of the sorority are may be completely different to how your pledge class will be (which can definitely be a good thing!). Good luck!</p>

<p>check here for the most up-to-date rankings each year after rush
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