Green and white clothes on campus

<p>I was looking at this shirt:</p>

<p>adidas</a> Trefoil Tee</p>

<p>and I was thinking about buying it, but we all know what colors those are for (even though I've always liked green shirts). Any problems gonna arise if I wear it around campus?</p>

<p>yes you will probably be accosted and/or beaten and then most surely robbed</p>

<p>nah, just don't wear anything that explicitly says MSU, and you'll be okay.</p>

<p>I figured I'd be fine if it said adidas but I still don't think I could wear that shirt on campus even if the Dean sent a signed letter to me encouraging it.</p>

<p>State blows huge dick.</p>

<p>Nothing bad will happen lol I can't believe you're worried about that.</p>

<p>Looks kind of Spartan to me.</p>

<p>The only time you can't wear green is in the week leading up to the MSU football game, especially if it's at home. And not at sporting events. Other than that, nobody gives a ****</p>

<p>I didn't actually think anything too bad would happen. I'd just rather not stick out wearing those colors.</p>

<p>mjmay7 is right, that's why he/she is constantly on the Umich boards even though he/she goes/went to MSU. The beating on campus traumatized him/her so much he/she continues to post here.</p>

<p>^^uummmmmmmm...i didn't even apply to MSU :)</p>

<p>Play nice everybody....</p>

<p>hey i am, i just don't like people, who were too lazy to actually check, posting false things about me. it is quite obvious, if you looked through my posts for about 2 minutes, that i am going to UC Berkeley this fall and that i had a hard time deciding between cal and umich...with cal being a lot cheaper even though i am oos for cal and IS for umich</p>