Green light laser treatment, anyone?

<p>After having problems trying to urinate and hitting a PSA close to 9, my urologist, having found a "very big" prostate, but no definitive nodules is doing a biopsy this week and gave me some literature to read up on green light laser treatment. Anyone have this done or know of someone who did that you can comment on? </p>

<p>He also talked about radioactive seed therapy versus removal of the gland if it comes to that. Anyone with words of advice? I know my dad had a pretty rough patch, especially his last two or three years, but for him, I believe the seeds were not an option.</p>

<p>Dear dad<em>of</em>3, </p>

<p>I'm a practice manager for a group of urologists. Regarding the possible diagnosis of prostate cancer, you have several options including radical prostatectomy (robotic or open), radiation (which includes seed implantation which is called brachytherapy, IMRT - radiation using a gps system to focus just to the affected area), proton therapy and also watchful waiting. Your decision for treatment (or not) should be based on your age, gleason score, spread of the disease and your understanding for potential side effects. </p>

<p>No recommendation here but i was at a meeting with my four young urologists last week discussing a 50 year old with newly diagnosed prostate cancer and several of them felt strongly that if this was them they would choose brachytherapy or seed implantation. For full disclosure purposes, the are part owners of an IMRT center but it doesnt perform brachytherapy. </p>

<p>Regarding the greenlight laser, any photovaporization of the prostate works very well for BPH or enlarged prostate. Most patients are very happy with the results.</p>

<p>My FIL had a very successful experience with crytotherapy when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had absolutely no ill side effects and was cancer free until he died 12 years later at age 87 of heart problems.</p>