Greeting cards for how we live now

<p>Don't you wish there was a line of greeting cards that would say what you wanted to say, in a nicely designed card? Here's the ones I would like to see:</p>

<p>So sorry to hear about the loss (open card)
of your retainer. Buck up! :)</p>

<p>I'm wishin' and hopin' and prayin' (open card)
for a really generous divorce settlement. Peace and love!</p>

<p>Sometimes...when God closes a door (open card)
He doubles your available closet space.</p>

<p>The possibilities are endless...</p>

<p>someecards (I won't post a link as it might be a violation) are definitely edge-y..... and from your examples I think you might want to apply for a writer's job with them :).</p>

<p>I've sent one or two, but it's actually a bit difficult to pull the trigger on some of my favorites and actually send them to someone. ..... Maybe if I were a couple of generations younger.....</p>

<p>YES! I was looking for cards for two situations - downsizing/job-loss and separation. Apparently at my hallmark, these are situations lumped into "cope" or "sympathy" or "thinking of you" but that don't cover it!!! I think there was a conversation about the recession-themed cards on the news a few months back and they were considered "tasteless" by the reporter. I think they are useful, not tasteless and a sign of what we deal with now.</p>

<p>I'm</a> sorry you feel old</p>

<p>I love it! I think I've found my calling!</p>

<p>Here's one more -- for someone who just isn't getting it:</p>

<p>I don't think you're stupid (open card)
I think you just act stupid! There's a difference :)</p>

<p>Some e cards is my current favorite e-card site. You can create your own card there too, which is right up my alley.</p>