Grinnell Class of 2025 RD

About time we started this ball rolling! I’m guessing the early write-in decisions come out around Feb 10th? Anyone have any more information on this?

Haven’t heard anything about early-write ins (nor am I expecting one - though it would make a great a birthday present).

I wonder if early write ins happen this year will they’ll be delayed as RD notifications seem to be coming out later this year?

Based on last years thread, mid-Feb is when the first round of RD admits was released.

where is everyone lol?

Did you hear anything (more?) about likelies?

not yet, but I’ll post here if I hear my friends getting any

Yeah…even I was wondering where everyone was! Please do post if you hear of anyone getting an early notification on their RD application. In past years, it was already out by mid-February. Best of luck!

Anyone got an interview request for RD?
I got mine today.
Are interviews given to all applicants?

I requested an interview a few weeks after I sent in my application and interviewed about a week after. I think everyone who wants an interview gets one.
My interview was a student and it was very casual and conversational.

Actually I didn’t ask for an interview.
Today I got an email from an Admissions counselor for the interview

that’s a good sign, prob means he/she is interested in you! I did mine with my AO he was a really nice guy~ (before I applied)

hi, y’all. i’m not sure if they have sent out any early notifications like other years, but if they didn’t, I’m almost certain it’s because grinnell received over 10,000 applications this year, which shattered the record from previous years. very exciting but also very nerve-wracking! if you get accepted, I’m wishing you an early congratulations!

I’m wishing all of you so much luck!


Interesting, though not entirely surprising, as they removed loans from FA packages starting this year. Did they announce this somewhere?

yes! we students receive quarterly updates regarding board of trustees meetings, and they mentioned it in the email.

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Wow! And if that is true, we’re talking about an overall acceptance rate of about 17% this year (assuming a 25% yield like years before). That’s lower than the 25% acceptance rate in previous years.

it could actually be even lower than that because quite a few students in the class of 2024 took a gap year, so those spots in the class of 2025 are already filled. we’ll see, though!

Yes you’re right…forgot about that. So taking a range of 50-100 gap year students and assuming a 25% yield, the acceptance rate for this year comes down to 13%-15%.

EDIT: Based on the link below, there are 54 gap year students. And Grinnell is planning to accommodate them by reducing the number of transfer students. This implies that the gap year students will have a minimal impact on first year applicants but really hit potential transfer students.

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this is actually very interesting. after the 2016-2017 cycle, grinnell started accepting an abysmal number of transfer students (think: 10% in 2017-2018 and 3% every year since). i can’t link the exact common data sets since i’m currently on my phone (i can do it in the morning), but the past few have shown them only admitting no more than just 13, so that still leaves open quite a few spaces. it’s really intriguing. i’ll get back to you about it. (:

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But I do think all schools will be looking at total numbers. Butts in seats, so to speak. And they want their revenue-generating dorms full. So -50 last year means there is a deficit of 50 overall. Plus there will have been some attrition in upper classes due to the pandemic. I suspect schools, Grinnell included, will be shooting for an overall enrollment number. They also know that students applied to many more schools this year, but can still only attend one. So yield will be tricky and waitlists likely used heavily.

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Grinnell accepted only three transfer students for fall of 2019 (two enrolled) per 2019-2020 Common Data Set, row D2 (available on Grinnell’s Wikipedia page).