Grinnell Class of 2025 RD

About time we started this ball rolling! I’m guessing the early write-in decisions come out around Feb 10th? Anyone have any more information on this?

Haven’t heard anything about early-write ins (nor am I expecting one - though it would make a great a birthday present).

I wonder if early write ins happen this year will they’ll be delayed as RD notifications seem to be coming out later this year?

Based on last years thread, mid-Feb is when the first round of RD admits was released.

where is everyone lol?

Did you hear anything (more?) about likelies?

not yet, but I’ll post here if I hear my friends getting any

Yeah…even I was wondering where everyone was! Please do post if you hear of anyone getting an early notification on their RD application. In past years, it was already out by mid-February. Best of luck!

Anyone got an interview request for RD?
I got mine today.
Are interviews given to all applicants?

I requested an interview a few weeks after I sent in my application and interviewed about a week after. I think everyone who wants an interview gets one.
My interview was a student and it was very casual and conversational.

Actually I didn’t ask for an interview.
Today I got an email from an Admissions counselor for the interview

that’s a good sign, prob means he/she is interested in you! I did mine with my AO he was a really nice guy~ (before I applied)