Grinnell Class of 2025 RD

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does anyone know if Grinnell’s waitlist is need-blind?

Not 100% sure but one thing that they do stress in admissions is that they are need-blind in all aspects so it’s probably safe to assume so.


Sadly, my DD just declined her offer. The merit aid was generous but just not enough financial aid. Good luck to all of you!

it’s so hard to let go of schools :disappointed::disappointed: maybe I will get her spot off the waitlist :joy: good luck!!

I am curious…would you be OK sharing the amount of merit that Grinnell gave your daughter? Thanks!

Straight merit aid - Founder’s Scholarship for $20K. Offered $2500 in work study as well. So hard for her to pass on it…but just can’t afford to pay that much.

Thanks. Best of luck to her wherever she goes…she’ll be fine. I have started believing something someone told me long ago - Don’t fret, the universe will decide.


My DD also get good merit based scholarship, but no need based aid, we have to pick other.

Those who got in please can you share your stat

4.0/4.0 scale unweighted
11 AP Classes
35 ACT
Varsity Athlete
Large amount of volunteer hours
School leadership roles
Good essays - but that’s subjective
Showed lots of interest - visit/interview/zooms with students

How can I get off the waitlist

I would start by continuing to show interest. The best way to do this after being waitlisted is to send a letter of continued interest to the admissions office, simply stating your hope to be admitted. I think there is a place on the portal where you can upload documents like this, or you can email someone. Other ways of showing interest including sending updates on various projects or achievements you’ve been involved with since you applied.

Thanks very much. I really appreciate

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