Grinnell Transfer Chances

<p>Should I even bother applying?</p>

-Asian American
-Hometown: Hawaii
-1st Semester at large private university
-2nd Semester currently at large state school (doing very well so far - A's)
-CGPA: 2.9 (B's and one B- : from the 1st semester at a school notorious for grade deflation)
-HSGPA: 3.4: somewhat rigorous courses, Obama went here(?)
-Good extracurriculars from HS
-Probably average recommendation from current professor, very good recommendation from HS teacher
SAT: Just about 2000
Essay: Basic theme would be desire for true enlightenment rather than rote education.</p>

<p>Right now I'm in the process of transferring to LAC's with an alternative curriculum of learning. I felt uninspired throughout high school and my first semester of college - I wasn't truly learning, being edified, but only pleasing the grade, and because of that I turned to outside sources to keep me stimulated. I'm interested in film production as a career but for college I would like to learn another trade that would expand my outlook, and am very interested in joining the Peace Corps or Teach for America to enact change.</p>

<p>Very, very recently, I've decided I'm most interested in pursuing a social science as a major. I'm not concerned with the potential business aspects of it at all, but purely with its use in public, in combating poverty, housing crisis, etc. That's why I feel Grinnell would be beneficial to my learning, and that I would fully embrace its structure.</p>

<p>Should I wait one year (apply next year as a sophomore), or would my stats make the admissions laugh their pants off?</p>

<p>Is it too late for transfer applicants? The deadline is May 1st, but would all the open spots be filled?</p>

<p>Your college GPA is pretty low...I would wait a year.</p>

<p>ditto. (10 char)</p>