Grinnell v. Oberlin

<p>DD admitted to both, with merit aid at each. Merit aid less at Grinnell but COA is also less, so the money is basically a wash. Interested in music but not as a major or degree. Undecided as to major. She wouldn't mind taking a required core curriculum (applies only to Oberlin, as I understand.) Would be interested to hear from persons familiar with both schools. We live in California - which is easier to get to and from? How do they compare in terms of the workload? Thanks.</p>

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<p>This prior thread covers the key points.</p>

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<p>Our son absolutely loves Grinnell and therefore, so do we, but I would never say it is easy to travel to and from Grinnell. Can you get a direct flight to Des Moine from your nearest airport? We can't and have to go through Chicago or Detroit. There are often fog problems at Des Moines and Cedar Rapids airports in the winter and sometimes you just can't get there by plane. I don't think I've ever flown in to Cleveland in the winter so I can't compare them.</p>

D had the same decision between Grinnell and Oberlin two years ago. She opted for Grinnell as she felt she would have move musical opportunities (at Oberlin you have top notch conservatory students who get the best musical attention so D thought her options would be limited at O as a BA/BS student). She has never regreted her choice and has always found good players to work with at Grinnell. Last year, she played in an octet. Five of the players had attended competitive summer music festivals and one had graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy (I hope I got the name right). Her teacher for the private lessons is great and she is playing interesting concertos in addition to working with a quintet this year. She is very happy with her experience.</p>

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<p>Grinnell</a> College - Department of Music</p>

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<p>Son plays in the Orchestra, takes private trumpet and voice lessons and sings in an a cappella group at Grinnell. The orchestra conductor is first-rate and that has been a really enjoyable experience for son. Many students & faculty attend the orchestra concerts, which is something he noticed and appreciated when he visited Grinnell as a prospie. </p>

<p>He did not apply to Oberlin because he felt his musical options would be limited, given that he was not going to major in music and was not Wynton Marsalis, Jr. (who, by the way, son was thrilled to meet last year when the Lincoln Center Orchestra played a FREE concert at Grinnell) </p>

<p>Grinnell students have many quality musical opportunities available to them.</p>

<p>My daughter is very involved with music (Collegium) and has had no problem enjoying and participating in music there. They also bring wonderful performers (just had Evelyn Glennie for example).</p>