Grocery Shopping

<p>So...we've arrived on campus and it looks like the 7-11 and IGA near campus don't carry much selection. Are there full service grocery stores that are convenient to public transit from the Pitt campus?</p>

<p>There is a Giant Eagle Market District in Shadyside that can be accessed by taking the 71A or 71C. There is also a regular Giant Eagle in Squirrel Hill, which you can get to by any of the 61 buses.</p>

<p>Also the 61D bus will take you to the Waterfront where there is a Giant Eagle, along with many other stores, including Target.</p>

<p>thanks very much!</p>

<p>Oh also, if you take the 71A,71B, or 71C (best choice) it will drop you off a few blocks from the Whole Foods down near Penn Circle in East Liberty.</p>

<p>We moved DS into Sutherland this week. We stayed down the street from the new Target at East Liberty -- Penn Circle. What a great store! It's huge and has a huge grocery section....and a cart escalator. You don't see that everyday :)
Here's an article about it:
Target</a> opens in East Liberty - Pittsburgh Business Times</p>

<p>We've also been to the Giant Eagle on Centre Ave and that's a nice store. </p>

<p>BTW if you are looking for restaurants in that area....we went to Mad Mex and really liked the food and funky atmosphere!<br>
Mad</a> Mex Pittsburgh Locations</p>

<p>Aren't those cart escalators fun? My kids enjoyed using and watching the cart go up and down!!</p>

<p>Also BRGR down at East Liberty has fantastic food. [url=<a href=""&gt;]BRGR[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>