Grove City College (PA)

<p>Any info would be appreciated. Son is a fairly conservative, religious evangelical Protestant) Junior in HS, interested in medicine. Would not like to feel "lost" in a really large school. PSAT of 209, top 4% of class. Please Advise!</p>

<p>hmm...with those stats he's certainly in</p>

<p>I think that Grove City is well worth consideration. It has excellent academics (my son is graduating this spring, and he has been accepted at Stanford and MIT [among others] for graduate study in engineering). The Christian environment is not just propaganda for parents--it is very real. However, the school is not legalistic in its approach to rules, at least not that I have observed. The campus is beautiful and enhances the learning process. The students and the faculty really make it their aim to take care of the facilities. A new apartment complex for upperclassmen will be ready this fall, and it is beautiful. The faculty are completely dedicated to undergraduate teaching. They will mentor your son. The pre-med program is excellent.</p>

<p>All of this comes at the price of most in-state public universities.</p>

<p>Interviewing at the school is a very important factor in the admission process at GCC. If you plan a visit, I would encourage you to have your son interview.</p>