Grow or bloom?

Thanks to the CC community (and your wickedly funny posts), D2 put together a good list of safeties and matches, sprinkled in with a few targets. So far, she’s batting 4 for 4 - with generous merit from Knox, Kalamazoo, an unanticipated merit award from Grinnell, and now the Presidential Scholarship from Trinity.

This development has knocked our socks off. The only reason why she hasn’t said yes already is not just that she’s curious about the other schools, but the question of whether she should choose the benefits of being in a small cohort vs. being comfortable in a generally more similar student body (Grinnell). Does this make sense? My personal feeling is that accepting the honor at Trin will encourage her to step up and grow, whereas she might be tempted to fall back into anonymity in an admittedly great crowd (where she’d still bloom). In other words, she self-identifies as quirky, and we’re wary of previous threads depicting Trin as a more preppy, less intellectually-curious community.

As much as I love how Grinnell’s open curriculum and strong advising system nudges students to grow into their interests, I’m equally impressed by Trin’s Gateway programs, its Urban + Global focus and the Liberal Arts lab in Hartford. D2 demonstrated she was comfortable in community outreach to underrepresented communities in LA, and I like the idea of her being a pioneer (first from her high school to go to Trinity) and an ambassador btw school and city. But these are my thoughts, not necessarily hers.

I’m willing to give Trin the benefit of the doubt b/c of President Berger-Sweeney (a Wellesley alum!) and Admissions Director Angel Perez. I know they’re committed to moving Trin into a new era and I’m excited about the Summit Strategic Plan.

Could any current Trin student or parent kindly weigh in one way or the other?

Many thanks.