Grubers Complete SAT Guide

<p>How accurate are the CR and W portions of the practice tests in Grubers Complete SAT Guide?. i have 2011 if that helps.
i know BB and college board stuff is the best and PR is second best or w.e but please reply to the question i asked...(i noe someones gnna bring up BB.)</p>

<p>Not very accurate.</p>

<p>How so? for the CR</p>

<p>Through my personal experiences, I have found the Gruber tests to be too easy. That's just me though.</p>

<p>is it even worth doing for practice after exhausting all BB sources?</p>


<p>Try the online course.</p>

<p>I had Grubers when I was preparing for the SAT. It was a waste of money. The vocab list was impressive but unnecessarily so. The questions were...just weird. Get the blue book. If that is not enough, PM me.</p>

thank you for all of your help!</p>