GS Essay

Hello everyone! I am applying to GS for early action. Is there is anyway can I mention in my essay about abused as a kid or not necessary to write about?

In my essay (I got accepted and start next month) I wrote about my difficult childhood but I ended every negative with a positive. For example, I wrote about my mother’s disability and growing up poor, but I also wrote how my parents took me to the library often as a free thing to do, which led to an early love of literature. I let them know about my difficult childhood but how despite that, I loved to learn.

So definitely write about the abuse you faced in your childhood, but write it from a survivor standpoint. Mention your struggles so they know what you’ve been through in life, but mention your strengths just as much. The school wants to know what you’ve been through, but they also want to know how you’ve been able to overcome those things.

Ok, thank you! that helped me a lot