GSU Application Incomplete - URGENT

So I have an application for GSU however It is incomplete and it’s already been 3 days past the deadline. I have tried contacting my GSU counselor however it has been weeks and no response (… sigh).

Apparently they have received my Highschool Transcript, but they haven’t received my SAT results (turns out I didn’t submit them to GSU at all). Would it be too late to submit my SAT results to GSU (through collegeboard) and have my application reviewed for an offer now?

I am going to GSU this Fall. During my application I emailed them lot of times and they were pretty quick to respond. Try contacting the admission office.

I submitted my app for ea and only found out then that I needed evaluted transcript

So I tried to email them but no replies,

Yesterday they called me and asked me why my app isnt complete and zi told them aout my circumstances which do not allow a costly evalution and that i might have to wait an year, the tele counselor was such a sweet understanding soul! Offered me a tour,

Kinda understood the situation! They are actually So sweet