GT, Duke, VT Chances Please?

Bio: African-American Male, Family Income ~100k, South Carolina

College List:

  1. Georgia Tech
  2. Duke
  3. Virginia Tech
  4. NC State
  5. Clemson

GPA: 3.4UW 4.3W (Sophomore year)

Calc AB-in progress
Lang- in progress
Phys 1, 2- in progress
Calc BC- senior year
Lit- senior year
Chem- senior year
Seminar- senior year
Gov, Econ- senior year

Rank: 60/309 (Sophomore Year)

1440 EBRW-650 M-790
(Took for second time last Saturday)
(Taking Physics and Math II in June)

ACT: (Taking in February through school)

Beta Club
Recreational Basketball and Baseball
YMCA Counselor in Training (400 hours)

Food lion janitor
YMCA Summer Camp counselor

Not sure how important it is yet, but I’m in a program in my school that is designed to teach us leadership skills with lessons from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) who is one of the best at training CEO’s and the like. (Principal states “it’s to differentiate us from the rest of the applicants so we can get into Duke”, his alma mater)

Thanks in advance!