GT Tuition Increase

<p>Not sure if everyone has seen it yet, but Tech announced their budget cuts and tuition increases for next year:</p>

<li><p>Tuition to increase by $500/semester for all students not on a guaranteed tuition plan</p></li>
<li><p>Total cuts to the Board of Regents is an additional $161 million, or 8.1 percent
--- But this is mostly offset by tuition increases totaling $126 million</p></li>
<li><p>Of the resulting difference ($161 million - $126 million), Tech has a $5.2 million reduction in funds
--- But this is offset by $12.3 million in federal stimulus funds coming to Tech </p></li>

<p>So, at the end of the day, the impact to Tech is basically negligible. The impact to students is the roughly $1000 per year tuition increase. However, the nice thing about a tuition increase (vs. a fee increase) is that HOPE will cover that increase. So, if you're a HOPE student, there is effectively no impact.</p>

<p>oh glad im a hope student so it wont affect me. I just hope i can keep my gpa 3.0 or above. Did this afffect the admissions too? Especially for transfer students?</p>

<p>1) Tuition increase $1000 for both in state and OOS/international students.</p>

<p>For in-state, the total amount of tuition and fees is $8500 for two semesters. That's 16% increase for in state tuition and 4% increase for OOS/international student.</p>

<p>2) Total USG cut</p>

<p>It is difficult to figure out exact figure, USG got between $157 millions to $227 million less money than prior year and Tuition increase only covers $80 millions of that. </p>

<p>From UGA students newspaper </p>

<p>UGA</a> TUITION TO GO UP $500 A SEMESTER (w/documents) | The Red and Black</p>

<p>"The revenue from tuition increases will make up nearly $80 million of the $227 million cuts to higher education. The other $147 million will have to be obtained through other means – such as through cuts from the universities in the system."</p>

<p>However, in the previous day,</p>

<p>Regents</a> to announce budget cuts, tuition hikes at Tuesday meeting (w/agenda) | The Red and Black</p>

<p>"Last month the legislature announced a $157 million budget cut in money for state universities — approximately half of a previous proposal — and how much of that is shared by UGA will be revealed at the meeting."</p>

<p>3) Ga Tech budget cut</p>

<p>"But this is offset by $12.3 million in federal stimulus funds coming to Tech"</p>

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<p>That's not exactly correct. The reasons is that this is the second year Ga Tech got federal fund. The last year Ga Tech got $266 millions from the state of Georgia including federal stimulus fund of $12.3 millions, so it does have to cut probably between 8.9 millions to 17 millions (of total budget USG budget cut between $157 - $80 = $77 and $227 - $80 = $147 millions) this year.</p>

<p>My original numbers came from a press release that Bud Peterson's office put out.</p>

<p>does Tech have the tuition like fixed for 4 years or will you have to pay more as the tuition goes up?</p>

<p>Perhaps they include the $200 fees per student implementing last year, according to ajc, $200 fees = $24 millions per semester for USG. </p>

<p>So $80 + $24 X2 = $128 millions student portion of costs => close to $126 millions. $161 millions is close to $157 millions UGA newspaper reported on May 10. So those two sets of numbers look right. Maybe $227 millions number USG put out is to create politics cover for themselves (i.e. officially statement says that students only have to pay $80 of $227 millions budget cut even though in reality students pay $126 millions of $161 millions budget cut).</p>

<p>Here is official statement from USG
"The tuition increase will generate $80 million to help offset the $227 million reduction in the FY 2011 budget."</p>

<p>Regents</a> Approve Fiscal Year 2011 University System Budget; Set Tuition - Newsroom - University System of Georgia</p>

<p>BanjoHitter, thanks a lot for sharing the information.</p>

<p>AkshayM, USG get rid of Fixed for four last year.</p>

<p>Thank god I'm on fixed!
Also academic common market being removed sucks!</p>