GTech Chances?

GPA - 4.3 W
GPA - 3.85 UW
(In my school honors is on the same scale as on-level and AP is 5)

SAT - 1450

AP Classes -
AP Environmental

AP Computer Science Principles
AP Bio
AP World

AP Calc AB
AP Calc BC
AP Physics
AP Computer Science A
AP US History

AP Physics C
AP Lang
AP Micro
AP Stat
AP Macro

Prez of First Robotics Competition Club
Officer in TSA Club
Lead trumpet of school’s top band
Varsity band letter all 3 years
Made District Honor Band all 3 years
Made All-State Band 2 years
Made TSA State Finalist 3 years
Eagle Scout and Senior Patrol Leader of Troop
Coached and mentored middle school robotics teams and got 5 teams qualified for world championships in a span of 3 years. This involved teaching engineering/mechanical concepts and programming.

I’m either applying for CS or Mech Engineering which probably won’t help my chances. Oh yeah, and I’m an Asian male so that’s gonna hurt as well lol. The only good thing is that I’m in-state.

Likely reach. My son was waitlisted in state with higher stats and strong essays and ECs. This year was a strange year though. Have lots of other schools on your list that are affordable that you are excited about attending

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I would say you have a fair chance at acceptance. I was accepted from out of state this year; my stats were slightly higher, but I believe the acceptance rate for in state students is higher than out of state, so that should help your chances. I think your GPA and SAT are in the middle 50%, so they will probably focus a lot on your ECs, recs, and etc.

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What were your ECs like? I just want an idea of the stats of someone who got accepted. Thanks for the response btw.

Also, where do you fall in your class if you are in state? If a lot of people apply from your high school they will know where you fall academically even if your high school does not rank. ECs are critical especially those where you have an impact on the community. Read the GT mission statement - they just changed it recently and it looks like they are relying on it in filling admission decisions.

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I rank at top 5%. Do you think it would be better to elaborate on community service since achieving Eagle Scout requires a lot of that stuff including planning for and leading a project that benefits the community? Thanks for responding btw. Really appreciate it.

Absolutely. Becoming an eagle scout is an outstanding accomplishment! Anything you can do to distinguish yourself from other applicants is important. Grades and test scores don’t tell the whole story.

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You’re a very accomplished person, obviously. This year, GT’s instate acceptance rate was only 32%, so there are no guarantees for anybody, not even in-staters. Many with higher stats did not get in, but then again, GT Admissions is always quick to remind that they favor a holistic application process. By all means, do what you can to prepare a top-notch application, but apply to a good range of schools that includes some safeties.

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Here’s some of the ECs I had on my app (accepted for BME):
Hospital volunteer in a clinical program
Research internship with a health television show
Peer advisor on a national teen support app
High school math team
High school baseball (2 yrs)
Biomed research fellowship
Research project on prostate cancer
Created a resource website at the beginning of pandemic
Project I worked on where I filed a provisional patent
Your involvement with First Robotics and Eagle Scouts is impressive, and I think highlighting that in your application will help you stand out.

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Thanks! You seem pretty accomplished ngl. I’m worried now lol.