guaranteed gmed

Any tips on the MMI interview process?

Not sure if u already had ur interview but I just had mine. I can help if u still need it!
If not (if u have already gone through ur interview as well), how was it? :slight_smile:

@mydepressedworld Hi! I have my interview soon, and I was wondering too if you had any tips on the MMI interview process? What type of difficult questions do you think I should be most worried about? Thanks a lot!

I have mine Friday! Please do keep us updated!

Did anyone hear back about the results/final selection after interviews? The latest interview was on 28th Feb.

Participants were informed on March 3rd last year… it has only been a day, but I am still anxious

@rugrad @RadGeek @kkthepinkrose

Have you received your decisions yet? I believe that the dean of admissions informed us, during the 3rd interview session at least, that we should have expected for selections/non-selections either last Tuesday or this Tuesday (today)? Although I may be wrong.

Nothing! Just anxiously waiting :frowning:

I’ve also been waiting for the GMED decision. Has anyone heard anything about scholarships to VCU yet?

Nothing from VCU GMED decision yet. I received Presidential scholarship

congrats! Were you notified by snail mail or email?

Did anyone receive an email form VCU College of Humanities and Sciences on 9th? This email delineates top 5 reasons to join and say yes to acceptance. The GMED results were anticipated on 10th earlier and this could be a system generated email for “accepted” students. Just a thought- had similar experiences with other colleges- but who knows. Results might be delayed due to COVID- 19 issues and closures etc.

I got this too, but it could just be going to all VCU’s accepted students.


VCU GMED decisions are out on Mar 13th. My D got accepted into VCU GMED. We were notified via email.

Yeah, I just heard back about my decision as well

@BSMDirect What were here stats and extracurriculars like? I’m hoping to apply next year.