Guaranteed Housing - Davis?

<p>If so, for how long? If only first year, is it easy to find apartments or other housing off campus?</p>

<p>off campus housing is easily available. i know several friends that live in apts and even in sacramento. they just drive to school.</p>

<p>Housing is pretty much guaranteed for first years - this year being the exception thanks to the gigantic freshman class. I know that second years have lived in dorms in the past, but the freshman get complete priority. It's easy to find an apartment - assuming you stay on top of your game and look early enough - and it's much cheaper than living in the dorms.</p>

<p>Housing in dorms is only for freshmen. You can live in on-campus apartments after that, but they are very small, expensive & hard to get into... so most people live off campus after freshman year in either rented houses or apartments. It's pretty easy to find apartments, as long as you don't wait till the last minute.. most leases are 12 month leases starting in September.</p>

<p>They guarantee housing for first year students I believe. After that you are on your own, unless you are a regent scholar (where you get 4 yrs guaranteed). I can almost guarantee you that you are gonna want to move outta the dorms after the first year, and if you don't want can always become a RA.</p>

<p>How early is "early enough" to get off-campus housing?</p>

<p>@bandislife - Uh people usually start looking for places in Feb. I know most of my floormates are looking right now.</p>