guaranteed housing deadling help!!!

<p>Hi everyone, I just made my acceptance and pay the 300 dollar to Pitt like on April 27. I know that freshmen are guaranteed housing if they finish some application and paid like another 300 dollar. I still haven't receive any housing related package or letter from pitt since i paid my enrollment fee and I heard that the deadline for guaranteed housing is May 1, but im not sure.... I'm kinda panicking here since I live in Maryland and I need a dorm.
Does any one know the actual deadline and if May 1 is the deadline what should i do?</p>

<p>Thanks soooo much!!!</p>

<p>If you just sent in your enrollment deposit on the 27th, I’m pretty sure the housing deposit will be later than May 1. Call Panther Central, I’m sure they can answer your questions.</p>

<p>The housing deadline is according to when your deposit is sent in. I sent in my deposit on April 20th, so my housing fee was due May 3rd. The later you send in your deposit, the later you have to pay the housing fee (housing is still guaranteed unless you miss your specific date).</p>

<p>Housing is alway guaranteed, like amil52 said, you don’t get your housing packet until after you send in your deposit. from what I remember May 1 is the deadline for like all colleges for making a decision and sending in the deposit, so if you just decided don’t worry you will get your housing packet with your individual deadline on it</p>

<p>I thought if anyone want to be placed in housing, now they have to have their names in the wait-list?</p>