Guaranteed Medical School Admission Programs

<p>I have always had a keen interest in medicine, and as a high school freshman I have been looking into guaranteed medical school admission programs. I've researched Brown's PLME and UPitt's program, but I was wondering if there were any others?</p>

<p>I'm not sure, but I think Virginia Commonwealth?</p>

<p>Google 7 year medical programs (or 8 year or 6 year) and you'll find many links to programs where once you get accepted, admission to med school is yours to lose.</p>

<p>There're also Rice/Baylor, Northwestern HPME, etc.</p>

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<p>Here you go-</p>

<p>BA/MD</a> School Listing - Medical and Dental School Help</p>

<p>Though these guys look toughly on grades, SAT's (esp. SAT II's on stuff like bio/chem).
Also, healht related EC's definately help like hospital volunteering, and doctor shadow.
Maturity is also key, which should seirously be seen through your essays and letters of recs.</p>