Guaranteed scholarships for OOS freshmen

My D18 just got a mailer from NCF. She’s intrigued, so I’m following up with some research. We reside out of state.

I’m confused about their OOS scholarships. It looks like every OOS student who is accepted and turns their paperwork in on time receives a sizable scholarship.
Why do this? Why not just say the OOS tuition is 15k, instead of 30k-15k in guaranteed scholarship for everyone? Seems unnecessarily confusing. Or am I misreading it?

My D scored well on the PSAT and will likely be a NMSF. It looks like NCF offers a 17.5k scholarship for NMFs. So, this really means a 2.5k scholarship, since everybody gets the 15k, right?

In case they want to keep it temporary, probably.
You should enquire about terms for renewal.

My son attends NCF, and received that scholarship. It is renewable, with no additional paperwork required. There are stipulations, in terms of meeting an application deadline, et al. It went into effect for his first year (2014). Previously, they had a complicated array of tiered merit awards.
I have had no confirmation of my theory, but I suspect the fixed scholarship might have gone into effect to coincide with NCF’s involvement with the “Daughters For Life” scholarship program that awards scholarships to girls from the Middle East. They would all be out-of-state. I think NCF now admits 4 or 5 each year. It might have facilitated that, plus it just simplified the financial equation for everyone, instead of waiting out IB scores, final high school GPAs, etc.