Guess amount of Merit Aid?

<p>DD visited last summer and fell in love with the school, the program and the coaches of her sport. Decided to apply ED1 to to Stevens. Will attend and play on team if accepted and if we can afford it. We're hoping for some merit aid because we'd need financial help to be able to send her to Stevens. Any idea of merit aid offered to students with similar stats? Thanks in advance.</p>

White female, non-Hispanic from Texas
Income <150K
UWgpa 3.7
Wgpa 4.4
Top 3% of class in large public high school
SAT: 2230 (M:780 CR:750)
SAT II Math II: 700 (was sick first sitting - retook last week to increase score) SAT II Bio 780
IB student
IB French score: 6
AP English: 5
Is currently taking Bio HL AP Calc AB
Several long term ECs
Has competed nationally in sport, but is not ranked</p>

<p>Almost everyone gets merit aid. SAT/gpa/rank seems to determine how much. </p>

<p>My guess: Stevens Scholars program, ~29k merit. Possible Neupauer (full tuition) but not sure if they award that for ED1. </p>

<p>Let us know and good luck!</p>

<p>Does the university give merit-based scholarships to international students? @rualum</p>

<p>devileng I am not sure. I would call and ask. </p>

<p>FYI - @rualum‌ Okay, got financial package info. 33.5K in addition to Stevens Scholars, so 38.5K total. Some loans/work study.</p>

<p>Congratulations on your award!</p>

Stevens calculates family income into their Merit aid package. That is why it is very hard to compare with GPA and stats. This is why you’ll also hear students with lower GPA and higher Merit award.

I think it is hard to compare any financial “packages” because posters usually do not indicate the proportion of loans/work study/merit, etc.