Guess what...Chances!!

<p>Can I get in?---Chinese 12th grade dude from Idaho (I don't grow potatoes)
biochem major</p>

<p>gpa = 4.0 uw
school doesn't rank :confused:
SAT1 = 1600 first attempt
SAT2 chem = 800, math2c = 800, writing = 800
AP's: chem=5, us history=5, calc ab=5
APs this year: bio, stat, gov, physics</p>

<p>EC's: Not stellar...
-president 'o chess club
-been on my team's "scholastic bowl" since 10th grade
-violin player/teacher: local orchestras, one student of my own </p>

<p>Awards: few and far between...
-national merit semifinals
-science award B&L from U. of Rochester
-won a few violin awards like to scholaship to a Wash. DC music camp, all-northwest & all-state (have you heard of that?), Wyoming violin competition...</p>

<p>Recommendations & essays: uncertain...</p>

<h1>Oh yeah, I've also lived in Texas and Wyoming in 9th grade</h1>

U. Rochester
Case Western Reserve

<p>Looks good as far as the numbers go. ECs might hurt you for some of your schools, though. I think you'll most likely get in at Rice, Rochester, Case Western, and Northwestern. Cornell you probably have a nice shot at, but Harvard and MIT are going to still be reaches for you.</p>


<p>Oh, I left Carnegie Mellon off my list...</p>

U. Rochester...Excellent
Case Western Reserve...Excellent
Carnagie Mellon...Very Good.</p>

<p>Just my thoughts.

<p>bumpity bump</p>

<p>The location HAS to help. How many kids at top schools are from Idaho??? Honestly..</p>

<p>Umm, not many to be sure, but my school does have some excellent students.
There's this one guy who's taking college multivariable calculus w/ impressive AMC/
AIME credentials...I'd say that there are about 10 seniors now who will prolly go to Ivies and others...</p>

<p>In recent years, kids from my school have been accepted to Yale, Harvard, Rice, UChicago.</p>

<p>you look good for any school</p>

<p>bumps and mumps</p>

<p>Oh god please don't sent an application to rochester please.... lol
i think you can get into ANY college except HYP. And OMG how did you study for math IIC and writing?</p>

<p>Yo, writing I used Kaplan and MAth2c I used PR.
For both, I used Reals SAT2s.</p>

<p>Harvard - maybe/ doubtful
Rice- in
U. Rochester- 100% in
Case Western Reserve- 100% in
Cornell- very likely
Northwestern- very likely
MIT- maybe</p>

<p>I think you need a couple schools after Harvard/ MIT and above/ same as Northwestern/ Rice/ Cornell. Maybe Duke?</p>


Rice-i hope i make it in here, and not you. (maybe the 3 idahoans will make it! go us!)
U. Rochester-no
Case Western Reserve-no

<p>you will have to go to isu/or the university place and live a sorry life. hahahahahahahah. :-)</p>

<p>people here are so negative, I say in at most. Northwestern may be tough because of your "few" Ecs. I don't know I think people put Harvard up on this pedestal like you have to be perfect to get in. I know a few people who have gotten in and yeah they're amazing but still perfect scores and GPA is awesome and aps!!! but just to round out your ECs maybe find some sort of sport you've done or something and throw it in. Silly, but you need to be more well rounded I think</p>