Guessing Penalty Psat?

<p>IS THERE ONE!!??!</p>

<p>so confused.</p>

<p>probably not a good thing if i dont know at this point.</p>

<p>yes, there is. 1/4 point off, i believe. if you can eliminate even 1 answer choice, it ends up not being a 'penalty' though. probability determines that.</p>

<p>i never omit, though, because that guarantees NO point.</p>

<p>I try never to omit.</p>

<p>If I absolutely cannot eliminate anything, then guessing will give me a 20% chance of getting the right answer.</p>

<p>im dense today</p>

<p>so if i dont answer will it hurt me less or more?</p>

<p>if you have ABSOLUTELY no clue, it's fine to omit. but if you can eliminate any choices, it's usually better to guess. even on math ones. just because you don't know how to work through the problem doesn't mean you can't recognize when an answer obviously won't work.</p>

<p>if u dont answer how much do u lose</p>

<p>don't actually LOSE any points, but you lose the opportunity to gain one. so if you omit 4 (out of let's say 60) and get the rest right, your raw score is 56.<br>
if you guess on all those four and get two correct, your raw score is 57.5.<br>
if you get one right, it's 56.25, still better than if you omitted all four.</p>

<p>ohhh thanks :)</p>