Guest Courses????

<p>I went into my app status just to look into things (i've already been accepted :]) when i clicked on courses it says "courses in which you are enrolled: (none)" and then it says "Courses in which you are a guest: Basic Apparel Construction, Jerusalem, and Teaching Sociology" They have nothing to do with my intended major of nursing either.</p>

<p>What are these?? do I have to attend them??</p>

<p>((I'm not in the summer term either))</p>

<p>I think it's probably FSU's website messing up. Before I was even accepted, it said I was enrolled in some advanced engineering class.</p>

<p>I think when you are a guest on Bb it shows an example of a schedule.
I have a parent id and it has some bogus example schedule on it too.
My son's schedule is nothing like the one appearing on my id.
His id has his correct courses and schedule, so don't worry about it.
I can use my parent id to see whatever he allows, like his tuition bill for example.</p>