Guest students at other colleges?

<p>I'm interested in taking summer courses at another US university. I know Pitt offers this as a possibility (Register</a> for Classes). But I can't seem to find any other colleges of the same caliber/higher that offer a similar program. Somewhere in a major city would be preferred as well.</p>

<p>Any suggestions?</p>

<p>what program?</p>

<p>and Pitt's summer classes are really easy. I took a few last summer.</p>

<p>nearly all universities will let you take summer classes.</p>

<p>you're called a "visiting summer student"</p>

<p>^ Yup basically all do to get more revenue, since summer courses are usually not full.</p>

<p>New York University offer this program during the summer and school year.</p>

<p>But these are super expensive, huh? Like, thousands for 1 class from a private liberal arts college, I once read. I still vote doing summer classes at a community college.</p>

<p>Cc or state school for sure.</p>

<p>If you can get your school to accept cc credits, that's great. Otherwise, you're sol.</p>

<p>I took classes last summer at a local state school (a 4 year, but not the states flagship). It was ~$700 for one class, book included.</p>

<p>Next summer, I'm taking classes at a cc by my school. I know the credits are pre-approved, and it's dirt cheap ($160 for non-residents per credit, so ~500 a class).</p>

<p>UCLA is only ~$260 a credit.</p>

<p>UCLA</a> Summer Sessions and Special Programs</p>

<p>^Hardly. It's ~$1500 to take one class at UCLA (according to the psych example). They have expensive expensive registration fees.</p>

<p>Fees-Fees</a> fees</p>

<p>At UCLA, classes won't be 3 credits as a standard, since UCLA is on a quarter system (thus most classes will be 4 credits).</p>

<p>The registration fee is only a one time thing, not per class. Even so, it's still cheaper than the $560/credit cost at my home state school.</p>