Guests’ overnight stay...??

i go to umbc and live in one of the residence hall there. is it okay if my guest spend a night in my dorm?

You can probably find the info on the school website, under “residence life.” Some schools have restrictions on the age of the guest-- as in “over 18”-- and some have restrictions on the gender.

Ask your RA the dorm rules for overnight guests. At my dd’s school, there is a max number of days for overnight guest and roommates need to agree.

  1. Do you have a roommate? If so, ask them what they think. If it is your friend visiting for a night one time only that is one thing. If it is a boy/girlfriend starting to stay over on a regular basis, that is another.

  2. Look for any rules …as mentioned above.

If you will have a roommate you need to start there first. Consideration is key.

You can google the school policy – just took a second. And certainly you need to be sure it is OK with your roommate. Touch base with the RA if there are any additional questions.