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So this year I am applying close to 20-25 colleges, due to personal reasons, and I know that it is an extensive list. I am applying for early action for ALL of them, mainly because I need to know whether or not to move out before school ends. My guidance counselor just sent me an email saying that I am applying to too many schools and that she won’t send them my transcripts. I have already filled out my application and the colleges are expecting my transcripts and letters of recommendations soon. My question is: can she do this?

Yes. She can totally refuse to write 25 LoRs. And unless you have provided her with a valid reason for applying to so many, it’s pretty unseemly on your part to have any such expectation.

Many schools limit the number of colleges that they will allow students to apply to. You should find out what your limit is and then select which of the schools you are most interested in with that limit in mind.

OP said

Sending a transcript shouldn’t be a labor-intensive activity. IME, counselors typically write one letter, regardless of the number of schools to which it is sent.

OP - did your counselor say why? Did you explain whatever your circumstances were that drove to this number? You need to have some conversations and ask questions/get answers that no one here can answer.