Guidance Counselors....

<p>Does anyone here have guidance counselors who don't seem to help students?</p>

<p>When school was almost over, I went to ask for a copy of my transcript from my guidance counselor, she told me to come back during lunch periods because she doesn't want to do work after 2:45. Then I ask again during lunch, she told me to come back another time because she said she was busy... But besides this case, every time I ask her a question she never gives me an answer, she just tells me to get info from other people. Every time I ask for a program change or additional classes I want, she tells me no, even though I hear other people getting the classes they want and their program changes. </p>

<p>TL DR; My guidance counselor did not help me at all.</p>

<p>My guidance counselor told me not to take the ACT because of the recession</p>

<p>*Raises hand.</p>

<p>Mine are either idiotic or lazy, I can't tell. All I know is that it took me a month of talking to the secretary to actually see my guidance counselor. I was beginning to doubt his existence :/</p>

<p>My uncle had a guidance counselor like that. Best way to solve the problem is to straight up walk up to her and ask why she is not helping you. It may be because she doesn't know the answer or does not handle program changes. Don't walk away until you get an answer you want. And don't let her sense your fear. Use your jedi mind trick.</p>

she doesn't want to do work after 2:45


Unless her job criteria says she has to help a student after 2:45, technically she doesn't have to help you or she may be in a rush to get home or something.</p>

<p>Yeah, my guidance counselor didn't want me taking online courses or courses at the community college.</p>

<p>Now when I need to mention graduating early... she disappears.</p>

<p>Do you think you can talk to other guidance counselors?</p>

<p>My guidance counselor, last year was very reluctant to give me the classes I wanted. In his own words, he said he believed I would be a failure. He really said "I don't want to give you these classes. You're only setting yourself up for failure"</p>

<p>This June, I came back into his office and rubbed my 4.4 GPA in his nose :D</p>

<p>Nope, the entire staff is out until the 23rd.</p>

<p>I have heard a lot of stories about bad GCs: it kind of makes me nervous since one will be assigned to me at the end of this year. I guess i just have to hope for an experienced one....</p>

<p>Mine connived with the school psychologist to get rid of my IEP, assure me that a 504 plan would be provided, and then not provide my 504 while I was under the impression that I had one. This led to negative ramifications.</p>


<p>^ Explain. I'm interested in the story.</p>

<p>By the way, what exactly is IEP and 504? I googled, but didn't read.</p>

<p>IEP - Individual Education Plan</p>

<p>In my school, it's irrelevant paper work that went along with the elementary school gifted program.</p>

I googled, but didn't read.


<p>I think there's the problem..</p>

<p>Anyways, my GC encouraged me to take an easier course load.</p>

<p>Mine are helpful--when you can find them. Counselors and administrative staff at my school are required to be on a supervision schedule during lunch in order to supervise students at my school (inner-city public school--stuff happens). Therefore, unless you can get a pass to get out of class (which are very reluctantly provided by teachers, which good reason, because they don't want you to miss out on the curriculum), or you have a period that isn't the last period (the last period is when they call students in to talk to them for disciplinary reasons) then you're out of luck.</p>

<p>Although, for a lot of things, you can usually leave a note on their door (they have boxes for this) explaining what you need, who you are, and who approved your request (ex. if you want to switch courses, the approval/signature of the teacher who teaches the requested course) is usually sufficient enough for them to send out a revised schedule the same day, or by second period the next day.</p>

<p>Counselors? What counselors? My friends and I joke that are counselors don't even exist - though that's not far from the truth. Whenever we tried to meet with them during the school year, their offices were always empty. The secretary honestly helped me a lot more than my counselor ever did.</p>

<p>I recently went in to see my counselor before school started and before the rush would be on. I had a list of questions. The answer to half of those questions were, "Well. I don't know, you should call the college and ask." I mean, they were NOT that specific to a college. And it's not like I asked about out of state colleges or anything, because I understand she can't know everything about every college. But she couldn't even answer my questions about applying to the state flagship! GAH. I also found out I couldn't graduate with distinguished honors because I needed to fulfill all requirements BEFORE senior year - this is the FIRST time I'd ever heard that. This means I probably won't be checked of as "most rigorous" schedule. So much for guidance. </p>

<p>It just seems like our counselors are more geared toward helping kids in serious trouble (failing, fighting, etc). I guess I can understand that. It just seems unfair that anyone else is practically on their own. But that's public education for you.</p>

<p>futurexecutive has the most ludicrous tale I've heard yet, though.</p>

It just seems like our counselors are more geared toward helping kids in serious trouble (failing, fighting, etc). I guess I can understand that. It just seems unfair that anyone else is practically on their own. But that's public education for you.


<p>How big is your school's enrollment? It sounds pretty substantial...</p>

<p>My guidance counselors are bureaucratic dolts who have given me zero help or guidance and have been an obstacle to my success, especially when they place me in classes Ive already taken and then refuse to transfer me.</p>

<p>My guidance counselor doesn't really do anything related to career options and college, she's mainly there for the students who are having friendship drama, struggling in school, having family problems. I didn't particularly find her useful when I went to her with my friend two years ago. But then, we didn't really have much to say. Some kids just go to her so they can get out of their least favorite subject.
Anyway, we do have a careers counselor, who is the one you discuss your strengths/interests and plans for the future. I haven't met her yet, but I think I have a semester with her once I finish Digital Design (mendatory classes), where she talks to the class about careers. The older students go to her and discuss what they want to do after HS and where they want to go for college or as we say in NZ, uni. Not that there's much choice, unlike the US, the exceptional and mediocre students end up going to the same place. Victoria University for the artsy/design people, Otago University for med school wannabes, Auckland University for the med and law school wannabes, University of Canterbury for engineering or law or music etc.</p>

<p>The GCs at my school are mostly there to make sure students get the required number of credits to graduate. Which is, um, good I suppose, but the ambitious kids who want to actually apply somewhere other than the local community college are...well, without guidance. That's why I'm on CC :)</p>

<p>The secretary for the GCs, however, is quite possibly the most hostile person I have ever met in my life. Given how many students she has to deal with, I can sort of sympathize, but you can't even request a transcript without her snapping at you.</p>

<p>My guidance counselor didn't give me any guidance during the admissions process. I just flee when I see him... I've found CC to be more helpful.</p>

<p>At my school the guidance counselors are very helpful. They can be kind of quirky, but they are always there to help. It is never a problem to make an appointment with them, and if you don't make an appointment, they'll check in with you anyways.</p>