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<p>First up, I'm an international student so I'm quite confused about how to go around with the "recruiting process". I play squash so (if I'm correct) it doesn't follow NCAA regulations because it is not a NCAA sport. I'm not looking at the top level colleges in my sport but the mid and below level. To my understanding, squash isn't a hugely popular sport and quite a number of starting players at the lower middle level have not played the sport in HS. If I feel that I am able to play on the team should I even try to contact the coach? So basically, 1. when should I start contacting the coaches and 2. what do I tell them?</p>

<p>IF you are an amazing squash player--than they already know about you.....
Send your squash stats (recognized/verifiable legal matches) academic transcript and SAT scores to coaches....</p>

<p>Agreed. Email the coaches and make the first move, then tell them all relevant squash information. What year in school are you? If you're a junior, then do it soon/ Do the same if you're a sophomore - the earlier they know about you, the better your prospects.</p>

<p>As long as your email is concise and polite, you should be fine.</p>

<p>This is exactly my problem because I am not an amazing player but I feel that I may be able to play in some teams not at the top level. Plus should I even contact schools at the bottom level of the sport (teams are made up of mostly new players and probably don't recruit)?</p>

<p>Lots of good general athletic recruiting info here...</p>

<p>NCAA</a> Recruiting
College</a> Athletic Scholarships - Athletic Scholarships | NCSA</p>

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<p>Here is a list of universityes and colleges that offer squash , along with coach contact information. It can't hurt to approach them about your interest and abilities... the worst they can say is no thanks.</p>

<p>Teams</a> | College Squash Association</p>

<p>And here's a general info page about playing collegiate squash:
Playing</a> in College | College Squash Association</p>

<p>From what I understand--the very top schools with the very top ranked squash programs recruit WORLDWIDE and get the very best players. Evidently recruiting is pretty fierce.
Don't kow alot about the sport--only what a coach of a different sport told us while visiting a campus--as we passed the squash courts.
Good luck.</p>