Guide me in the right direction to doing well

I am a sophomore and just received my PSAT scores.
I am not really satisfied with them, I expected to do better.
I got a 161.</p>

<p>CR 49
M 54
W 58</p>

<p>What can I do to potentially hit 200 eventually?<br>
I know I need to begin reading more, but what other preparation do you recommend to help me reach my goal of hitting 200 on next years psat?</p>

<p>Direct hits + BB + 2 weeks with no social life = potential 2100-2200+, even for you.</p>

<p>What does BB stand for? I am willing to do whatever it takes to prepare :)
What do you mean by direct hits?</p>

<p>And also, will reading a lot of books help me improve my critical thinking score?</p>

<p>Is my score bad? Below average? or Good?</p>

<p>Direct Hits is a vocabulary book. It is amazing.</p>

<p>I honestly think the best way of scoring well is to train your brain for the stamina the test requires. Don't cram, but work studying into your daily routine. Say half an hour to start, then work your way to an hour and so on. It might seem like a lot, given that you'll have homework, but it's well worth investing in the future. You'll retain information permanently this way and will feel very confident come test day.</p>

<p>BB stands for the Blue Book, which is the Official SAT Study Guide published by College Board. Reading a lot of books will improve your critical reading score somewhat, but I don't think you should read too many of them just for the SAT. You will see a far greater improvement in your score by doing practice tests and reviewing them. You should be able to see how you did in comparison with other sophomores by looking at your PSAT score report. But relax, you're still a sophomore. You have more than enough time to prepare.</p>

<p>I am in a similar situation. I got a 1990 with minimal prep, but I want like 2100+. So, I got BB, CB online course, and PSATs to do over the 2 week break. I also am doing DH, PR, and RR for vocab.</p>

<p>What should my daily study routine consist of?
What have you guys done on a daily basis to practice?</p>

<p>Is this the book you guys use?</a> Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary of the SAT: Volume 2 (9780981818412): Larry Krieger, Ted Griffith: Books</p>

<p>Also where can I find the BB</p>

<p>I feel like DH is only for the people with 2300+ (if you see what I mean, it's for the people striving to get those last couple points)...I'm terrible compared to all you (Junior year PSAT: 179 - no studying). DH wouldn't be all that beneficial to me I don't think.</p>

<p>But what if I was able to grasp a general meaning of each word?
Wouldn't that help? :(</p>

<p>he's never tried DH. get it and memorize all the words. Also, you're still a sophomore so you have time to memorize more words since DH has only about 400.</p>

<p>Yeah, Im definitely going to try and get those words down.
Should I order both volumes?
Have you guys memorized the words from both volumes?
Also, I do realize that vocabulary is only a certain part of the test, so will putting this much work into knowing these words really have a change on my score??</p>

<p>@SLightManifesto, you make absolutely no sense. The whole point of memorizing vocabulary is to increase your "sentence completion" score. If you're getting 6-7+ SC's wrong, you need to either memorize vocabulary or start reading manically, and I'm sure most of us would prefer the former.</p>

<p>People with a 2300+ know most of the vocabulary, memorizing for them would serve no purpose, since getting the "right" SC on their test can be a matter of luck.</p>