Guilford College

Does anyone have info on Guilford College? It is one of the “Colleges That Change Lives” schools.

I know the college has been fundraising to “Save Guilford College” and they went through some churn of college presidents.

My senior has applied for admission but I am leary due to the financial uncertainties. They have the Guilford Edge where students have a 3-week session and then a 12-week session for the Fall, and then these two sessions are flipped for the Spring. Sounds like an interesting way to focus on specific courses.

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Have you been on an in-person visit?

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@gandalf78 – Yes, we did a self-guided tour earlier this year. (Self-guided due to the pandemic.)

I asked because sometimes being present in person on a campus can answer certain questions, or give you an opportunity to speak with people at the college who could answer your questions about finances, curricula, etc.

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My S has had email exchanges with the AO about the academic and extra-curricular elements of the college, and the college finances have been the focus of several news articles.

I have not read much here on CC about the school (and Guilford doesn’t even warrant a mention in the dropdown list), so I thought I would post here in the hopes that others might know more than I do.

This is going to sound crazy - but for anyone knows what a municipal bond is, I own one issued via the state (public agencY in Wisconsin of all places…but the borrower is Guilford.

The bond trades at 105 - meaning zero chance of default.

I was worried when I read the articles and perhaps there will be pain - layoffs, cancelled majors…but I am not worried about the school as a whole.

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Yes, @tsbna44 – perhaps there will be pain. Not so sure I want to send my student into a likelihood-of-pain environment.

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I feel better about the school with the new leadership. I don’t think my D22 is interested anymore and I am glad of that, too, just because that means we don’t have to personally worry about Guilford’s finances. I am optimistic over the long haul.

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@Sweetgum – what do you know about the new president? I was surprised that a professor from Rutgers would make a jump to college president.

I did read about that. I was a little surprised too but he seems like he could be a good guy. He went to a Quaker middle school it said so he knows a bit about the Friends philosophy and it’s also great that he’s black. When we went on a tour a couple of years ago our tour guide was a black student who played on one of the athletic teams (forgot which — we’re not very sporty). I think they do have a fair amount of students of color so nice to see that represented up top.

I had thought that the interim president who was a long time professor at Guilford might get the top spot, but I don’t know if he even wanted it. Hope this new guy works out. He seems to have a good background.

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My kid is a freshman at Guilford and having an excellent experience despite COVID. I was worried when she chose it, given the financial troubles, but they seem to be making really solid choices for how to come back from the brink without compromising their essential spirit. We are not Quaker but she said she really likes the feeling of being in a Quaker-inspired space. The 3 week classes seem good for the kids, but I hear the professors don’t like it because it’s pretty intense. Her professors so far have been really good and approachable and she has had no trouble getting the classes she wants, which has been a big problem for my Smithie. Happy to answer other questions. I am a big fan.