<p>I'm doing a research paper over the guillotine, and I have a lot of research about it, such as the creator, how it is made, where it was used, etc. However, I'm having to do it in an argumentive form. What's a thesis for a guillotine? I've though about writing about how it was bad for society during that time, but that's a little too broad. Any ideas?</p>

<p>The Guillotine was cool. Apparently your head is still alive seconds after you die.</p>

<p>In one of those Tower of London stories someone blinked 21 times after the head was chopped off before dying.</p>

<p>Though often gruesome, the guillotine was a method of retributive justice which by definition punished criminals sufficiently for their crimes and gave satisfaction to their victims, all the while ruling society with an iron fist.</p>

<p>it was also to win public support for the king a weird form of "winning the people"</p>

<p>Considering the alternatives to the guillotine at the time, (lopping your head off with an ax) one might say that it was created with the intent of sparing those who were sorry enough to be put under its spell a great deal of pain. So guillotine was infact a humanitarian, not a bad person!</p>