<p>Just paid that first semester tuition bill!</p>

<p>Time for a BIG glass of wine!!!!!</p>

<p>what, you can still afford the wine?
(Not even a thank you from the school either!)</p>

<p>Trust me - it's CHEAP wine!!!!!</p>

<p>As for PSU....I had better be on their Christmas card list this year!!! :)</p>

<p>Google: bottle of wine giant glass.</p>

<p>Oh- that works for me!!!!!!</p>

<p>Grcxx3, If you stop by drop-off weekend I will open a bottle of our house wine, Two Buck Chuck, for you. (We actually upgraded to TJ's Blue Fin when DS1 graduated in '09, but are out of it till our next trip to the Big City.)</p>

<p>1moremom - That sounds great. </p>

<p>We'll be arriving on Monday, Aug 16 since band camp starts on Tuesday, the 17th. I know DH "thinks" we will be having dinner with the boy on Tuesday night........but I know better!!!! So - we'll be looking for someone to commiserate with! I'll email you later on and we can make arrangements to meet up. </p>

<p>DS is getting excited - but a little scared! I keep telling him that is completely normal! So -now I need someone to tell me that MY feelings are completely normal!!!! ;)</p>