Gutsy Why Yale for SCEA

I wrote my why Yale and I mentioned the racial discrimination that take in admissions and the whole racist past… I am a woman of color so it is very important to me… was this too gutsy? I thought it was wrong to praise the school for diversity and inclusivity (of mind and of color) (reason I want to go) and not mention the discrimination… thoughts?

Won’t be a problem. If it’s honest and authentic they’ll appreciate it.

Nothing in life is black or white. While Yale’s the place for you----it’s not without it’s faults, and that’s important to acknowledge IMO. Good luck!! :smile:

It will depend on just how you did this. And maybe what else in your app/supp shows thoughtful efforts toward social justice, improving conditions around you.

@lookingforward My whole application (essays) is about how even though i was discriminated by my school i persisted and made clubs/organizations to elevate the voices of pocs on campus. i also mentioned a lot of women of color who have inspired me.

Then your comments on the discrimanatory history may very well align with the “you” presented in the rest of the app/supp.

If you don’t see the results you want, this round, consider re-viewing this writing. We have not seen it.

That’s good to know, thanks !
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