guy dorms at exeter

<p>New prep @ PEA here....</p>

<p>Since I'm a girl (in Wheelwright, btw. Is this known as the chill dorm?), I bascially know all of the girl-dorm stereotypes, but how about the ones for the guys'?</p>

<p>Just curious. Really.</p>

<p>I sent you a PM.</p>

<p>could you post it here, too? I'd like to know.</p>

<p>Don't see why not..unless, senioritis, you want me not to? (too late for that) Thanks so much, by the way!</p>

<p>Wentworth = jocks
Ewald = who?
Cilley = rich
Peabody = sketchy
Abbot = chill
Soule = pranksters, a little crazy
Webster South = "I fought the law, and the law won"
Webster North = nerds, think LAN parties
Main Street = mix bag, but some nerds, too</p>

<p>Basically, Peabody is right on the mark as far as I'm concerned.</p>

<p>Fine by me. I just hadn't been on.</p>

<p>What do you mean by sketchy, little galaxie? What are LAN parties? Thanks.</p>

<p>'What do you mean by sketchy, little galaxie?'</p>

<p>Sketchy is the preppy way of saying like...suspicious, or shady.</p>

<p>Sketchy is sort of nebulous slang. A synonym would be dodgy. Something's not quite right. An example of something sketchy is having a random old man stare at you on the subway for 10 minutes straight. The situation is sketchy, and so is the man. In the case of Peabody, sketchy just means skeevy, basically, prone to quetionable behavior/vibes.</p>

<p>On LAN parties:
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<p>'On LAN parties:
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<p>Okay :) I'm done.</p>

<p>Thanks. I knew what sketchy meant, just not in context. Lan parties sound like so much fun! :rolleyes:</p>

<p>Ahahaha wow that's reasonably... off. Not very accurate at all, even as far as stereotypes go! I'm impressed; how'd you make up that list? You graduated last year, senioritis? Even if I use the stereotypes I first heard when I came as a new lower, yours are not accurate from Peabody down the list.</p>

<p>Should I even fix them? I'd feel bad promoting stereotypes...</p>

<p>If you say so. You heard one set of things and I heard another. Any list of stereotypes is going to be flawed. Reputations changed from prep year, which is mostly when I paid attention, so I'm willing to concede that it's probably inaccurate. Wentworth became less jocky, Peabody less sketchy, etc.</p>

<p>Oh Cozmo, please don't feel bad about promoting stereotypes... I don't think anyone really takes them seriously. At least, I just find them amusing.</p>