Guy:Girl Ratio?

I am deciding between Missouri University of Science and Technology and Milwaukee School of Engineering. They both have a 75:25 guy to girl ratio, but MSOE is located in a city near numerous other schools.

My question is do you really notice the ratio? Do you notice it if you’re in a large city?

BTW I’m a male and I don’t care about the “College experience”, but I would like to date through college.

75/25 is noticeable. Depending on your major, your classes may be more male-dominated than that. You’ll notice it on campus even if you’re in a city, but you’d probably have the option of taking classes and participating in activities at the other schools.

If you are interested in dating, your chances of finding a girlfriend will be easier in a school with a higher girl ratio.

I know a number of engineering students (most of them male) at Rolla. The short answer is that yes, it’s extremely noticeable.

When brothers of a particular fraternity come down to my school, balanced M/F, they joke about how scary it is to see a real female.

Ah Engineering, where the men are men and so are the women.