Guy help! Urgent!

<p>He called himself...I guess if a guy really likes you he'll do what it takes to get you...I'm planning to just be myself and don't really do anything! I'll let him do the chasing....I'm sure he'll enjoy the thrill...</p>

<p>Ah ... games ...</p>

<p>don't you think he'd more enjoy being with you? instead of trying to figure out exactly what you want with this chasing business?</p>

<p>just a thought</p>

<p>You have it very easy. You're the girl, and you know that he likes you and that you like him. Ask him to eat dinner with you, drop a few hints that you like him (smiles, whatever you women do), and you're in. It's much tougher for the guy because we always think we might be crossing the line, heading for a slap in the face or more likely a look of disgust.</p>

<p>IRT aim78
I agree. As a male, the chase game can get to be a huge turn off, especially because if a girl doesn't like you back, it seems like your relationship (platonic or romantic) is ruined.</p>

<p>Well, maybe I had to choose my words better, apparantly it didn't come off the way I wanted it to. By him chasing me I didn't mean I wouldn't let him know that I care and that I like him, just that I won't be the one to call, but when he does call, or ask me to do things (which he did again today) I will be nice, smiling, and dropping hints of course! But I won't be the one to ask him out, or calling him... you least until we are actually in a relationship, then of course I'll call him too and things...</p>


Being lazy has its advantages. If a girl didn't show even remote interest in me, I never persued her, thusly not wasting my time.</p>