Guy help! Urgent!

<p>So there is this guy that really likes me, and I have been pushing him away everytime he has come forward, (and yet he hasn't given up!) until we ended up taking a class together, and now that I know him more, I have started actually liking him. He asked me to go to this event with him last week, and I ended up calling him the day after, we talked for a very long time, and the conversation just flowed so naturally. I am really not good at these things, but since I've called he hasn't really made a move, and before class today he didn't come to approach me and talk. I need some good advice. Should I call him? How can I show that I care, without actually being direct, and calling him, while getting him to make a move, and get our friendship to become more than just a friendship?</p>

<p>Just call him again.</p>

<p>That won't seem desperate? Shouldn't he call?</p>

<p>I will wholeheartedly echo adconard's advice. Just call the poor guy, he will never know how you feel unless you tell him. (I realize that this is easier said than done, so just do it without thinking about it)</p>

<p>Actually tell him that I like him?</p>

<p>Yeah why not? Don't come on too strong or say that you love him or something stupid like that, but let him know what you think of him in a nonthreatening/nondesperate sounding way, and you will be in like flynn.</p>

<p>It's kind of hard for me. what if I come up with some sort of an excuse to see him outside class? and call him to arrange that?</p>

<p>I feel your pain, asking people out or something of the sort is one of the hardest things ever, no kidding. Your story sounds like every romantic comedy I have ever seen. The meeting outside of class thing could work, just meet him at Buffalo Wild Wings for a drink or something, and subtly flirt with him (brush his arm every now and then, laugh a lot) and give him a kiss when the night is over and BLAMO, he will know that you like him.</p>

<p>lol, I'm not neccessarily a shy girl, but it's still hard for me!
You see I want him to be the one to come after me... u know what I mean? That's the only thing...
Thanks for the sympath by the way!</p>

<p>No problem, I see the angle you are coming in on, but you have to give him some kind of clue, or else he will never know.</p>

<p>Ok, I'll try...or maybe I should just wait to see him next week in class...
any ideas on what kind of clues? looking into his eyes and smiling sort of thing...or complimenting him in a personal way sort of thing...</p>

<p>Compliment him on something then smile. Muscles are the best, just rub his bicep and ask him if he has been working out more. lol I think just looking at him and smiling might work the best.</p>

<p>Alright! I guess I won't call him then. Thanks!</p>

<p>...and wait for him to make a move...</p>

<p>yea i wouldnt call him, but talk to him more when you see him. smile alot, give good eye contact, and act like ur really interested in what hes saying. if he makes a joke, laugh, etc but be natural (not phony). just give off good body language and think about interesting things to talk about so the conversation flows naturally. </p>

<p>if your in the same class, you can suggest studying together for the test or something. i wouldnt come on too strong, it sounds like he likes you anyway so it wont be too much trouble. just relax. and dont worry ull be fine.</p>

<p>good luck. (im a guy btw)</p>

<p>** ps. i wouldnt compliment on his muscles, that seems kinda lame. no offense.</p>

<p>Or you can tape a sign on your head saying you like him...</p>

<p>there's a million and one possible reasons for whats happened. Maybe he's not interested, maybe after the long talk he didn't walk away with the same feeling about the talk you did and thought you were pushing him away again, maybe he's busy with something else, maybe he just needs time to digest whats happening, etc., etc.</p>

<p>hard as it may be to do, the best thing is to let things unfold at their own speed. You don't need to "do" anything specifically, just go with the flow so to speak. There's no ticking clock or deadlines, right? You'll see him regularly in class. So walk up and talk to him. Be your usual self, don't try to be anything artificial. In the end thats what matters, right, that he likes you for who you are? You can of course suggest shared activities; meet for lunch, or study together, etc. But its kind of a funny thing; when we can let go of expectations and just let things be they often work out for the best. Its when we seem needy and desperate that there's almost an invisible air about us that ends up working exactly the opposite of the way we hope. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Thanks you guys. I agree about letting things unfold naturally, being myself and just relaxing. Plus if he really likes me the way I think he does, he'll find away to come forward after he feels I'm interested too.</p>

<p>Guys never yeah just call him again</p>

<p>Let us know what you decide to do and how it works out!</p>