Guys can you tell me your scores on Blue Book test 2,3 & 4?

<p>My scores from the OFFICIAL SAT STUDY GUIDE 1 or BlueBook-1 are as follows:</p>

<p>Test 2:</p>

<p>Math: 610-670
Critical Reading: 600-680
Writing MC: 44</p>

<p>Test 3:</p>

<p>Math: 630-690
Critical Reading: 610-690
Writing MC: 42</p>

<p>Test 4:</p>

<p>Math: 620-680
Critical Reading: 590-650
Writing MC: 37</p>

<p>I am pretty concerned about my Writing score, since it's been declining; I am starting to wonder if the first Writing score was a fluke. So I wanted to see if you guys faced the same problem. I also want to compare my score to yours, though I know I probably don't stand a chance :( Oh, by the way, I think BB2 tests #4,#5 and #6 correspond to these three tests in the same order. Ahh thanks!</p>