guys chance me please

<p>i have applied to Georgetown university as a regular decision applicant and so wanted to know what are my chances in getting accepted.</p>

<p>gpa :3.8 Alevels grade (A,A,B,a)
rank :19/78
SAT I: 720/740/590 ( cr/math/writing)
SAT II: 730/680 (Math I/ Math II)
High school: private very competitive nationally</p>

<p>ethnicity: Nepali/male</p>

development project in rural nepal
High school soccer team
coordinator of local youth club
organizer of annual blood donation program
various high school social service clubs

<p>good chances for wabash! You are really brilliant to get 1460 composite score from Nepal!!!!!!! Let god help you!!!</p>

<p>Wabash would feel bad of losing you. cr+math 1460, with those diverse EC, you've got great chance to get in.</p>

Where will you enroll at?</p>