Guys: Prom

<p>Well, how are you preparing for Prom? I'm trying to pick up a few ideas.</p>

<p>A friend of mine sent this to me regarding another event (the Military Ball).. I thought it might match what we do for Prom..</p>

<p>Well, not really.</p>


<p>12:00 PM = Wake up</p>

<p>2:00 PM = Get off bed</p>

<p>2:15 PM = Mother takes u out of bed with a broom</p>

<p>2:30 PM = Go straight to barber shop, without showering and brushing teeth</p>

<p>2:32 PM = u come to the realization that u didn't brush your teeth nor took a shower, you do not care and proceed</p>

<p>2:35 PM = Arrive at barber shop, get hair shaved from the sides</p>

<p>2:50 PM = Out of barber shop</p>

<p>2:55 PM = Arrive at tux shop</p>

<p>2:57 PM = Pick up tux</p>

<p>3:15 PM = Arrive home, realize tux is a bit too big (5 sizes to big)</p>

<p>3:17 PM = Still pondering why the tux is so big</p>

<p>3:19 PM = Pondering....</p>

<p>3:20 PM: OH! I got it! It's 5 sizes too BIG! But why....</p>

<p>3:22 PM = Pondering....</p>

<p>3:25 PM: give up and put tux on, rolling pants and coat sleeves all the way up</p>

<p>3:30 PM = Wait for carpool looking like a body bag</p>

<p>4:00 PM = Arrive at ballroom, pants fall exposing the ever so infamous "Smiley Underwear"</p>

<p>4:03 PM = everyone sees smiles....</p>

<p>4:03 w/25 seconds: all laugh</p>

<p>4:10 PM = u still stand there, people are still laughing</p>

<p>4:11 PM = Decide to pull your pants up</p>

<p>4:12 PM: Pants fall back down</p>

<p>4:13 PM: Decide to make a run into the ballroom with pants down, trip on your own pants</p>

<p>4:14 PM = everyone laughs even harder now</p>

<p>4:15 PM = Embarrassed</p>

<p>4:16 PM = Enter ballroom only to have a crow smack u in the face</p>

<p>4:17 PM = Sit down in your table</p>

<p>4:30 PM= Program Starts and the Master of Ceremonies states, "How bout that guy that was with his pants down was that not hilarious?"</p>

<p>5:00 PM - 1:00 AM = Stay seated hoping your pants won't fall... again.</p>

<p>And yes, there was a female version:</p>

<p>8:00 AM = Wake up</p>

<p>8:15 AM = Get out of bed</p>

<p>8:20AM = Brush teeth, and realize that it's already...</p>

<p>8:30 AM = go to hair salon</p>

<p>8:45 AM = Arrive at hair salon</p>

<p>8: 50 AM = Actually go into the salon with hair messed up, only to realize u entered a donut shop <em>ur still sleepy, go figure</em></p>

<p>9:15 AM = Enter beauty salon</p>

<p>9:45 AM = Finally choose hair style u want</p>

<p>10:15 AM = Hair lady starts doing it, takes cockroaches and gum off hair</p>

<p>10:35 AM = Gum and Cockroaches out of the hair</p>

<p>10:50 AM = Quick nap, hair lady burns hair</p>

<p>10:55 AM = Wake up, realize hair is gone</p>

<p>11:00 AM = Complain and Complain to hair lady until...</p>

<p>11:30 AM = you and hair lady come with solution to wear a WIG</p>

<p>11:40 AM = "Real" hair styling begins....</p>

<p>11:45 AM = you forget hair style, and look for it again</p>

<p>12:00 PM = Hair styling starts</p>

<p>1:45 PM = Pay lady, leave.... crow attacks u for smell of hair spray</p>

<p>1:47 PM = Crow dies because of Hair spray consumption</p>

<p>2:00 PM = Pick up dress</p>

<p>2:15 PM = Arrive home</p>

<p>3:00 PM = Ready for action!</p>

<p>3:30 PM = Carpool your way to the military ball</p>

<p>4:00 PM: Enter ballroom, put extra hairspray on hair to it will stay "Stiff"</p>

<p>4:10 PM = as u talk to one of your closest friends she tells u "nice crow..."</p>

<p>4:15 PM = u touch and realize your hair has feathers and a beak</p>

<p>4:17 PM = Throw crow into the head table, lands in Principal's lemonade</p>

<p>4:19 PM = Principal Laughs</p>

<p>4: 20 PM = Principal stares at hair with feathers</p>

<p>4:24 PM = Principal still stares at hair
4:30 PM = Program starts and all is forgotten</p>

<p>that is hilarious...i still dont know if im going or not, so plans are still on hold</p>

<p>the abridged version-</p>

<p>2pm: wake up. play video games/watch tv/eat food until 6pm.
6pm: put on tux. go to prom.
7am: return home</p>