GW Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

a website says ed date is 12/17

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I thought that 12/17 is last year. And this year its “late December”.

But I would LOVE to hear back at 12/17!!

Anyone heard of anything regarding ED1?

My guess is either the 15th or 16th of December.

My guess is latest Friday the 17th. In the last 5 years, they’ve been released on weekdays, so I don’t think they’d release them on a weekend. Might just be a random coincidence but trying to find a common factor/pattern to nail down a date.

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Any update besides the speculation about the 17th?

Nope… heard nothing…

Hey guys! I just received an email from undergrad admissions that decisions will be out this Thursday, 12/16 evening!


Yay. Just saw that email too!!

Good luck everyone! Hoping for good news.

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Does anyone have an idea of what time it will be out?

Last year it was 4:00PM, however 2019, 2018, AND 2017 all came out at 5:00PM. My guess is one of those two.


Re my last post: all times I noted were EST.

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Can’t wait!! One more day everyone!

Good luck everyone! We got this!


It’s THE day!! Good luck everyone!

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Please post results! And post results from reddit too if you see some! Good luck!!!

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No email yet but decisions are live on the portal

How do you open the decision on the portal?

Mines not working I can’t find where to
Open the decision