GW Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

How do you open the decision on the portal?

Mines not working I can’t find where to
Open the decision

Under track my app

DS got in!!!


Congrats!!! Stats?

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He got 4.3 wgpa, 35 ACT, average EC, mostly debate and speech. Applying for Columbian school of arts and science, major in poli science.


So happy for him! My D22 is RD to Columbia School, too.


Does anyone know if you’re not accepted for for, does GW sometimes offer spring?

I remember from reading last year posts. A kid will be put on waitlist if they don’t accept fall. I have not yet seen any spring admit this way b

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Did anyone receive a scholarship for EDI ??

My D22s friend got in ED and received 0 merit. I’m not sure if they have demonstrated need.

Mine said that merit scholarships are contingent on the rest of my senior year grades. I got a small loan from my FAFSA etc. but that’s all so far.

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Hello everyone! I was accepted to GWU via Early Decision I. The deposit is soon approaching and my family and I, are currently waiting for the financial aid package to arrive. However, we haven’t heard or received anything. I was notified to send in my deposit yesterday. If I send in my deposit, does anybody know if I receive my financial aid after the deposit is sent? Also did anyone that applied ED I receive any financial aid or scholarships? Thank you!

Is the deposit completely refundable? Don’t see how you can commit without financial aid info. Contact the financial aid office.

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This was a question in the application- if they would be willing to start in the spring.

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I do not recall that question. Hi d have to look

Hello, I’ve contacted the financial aid office and office of undergraduate admissions yesterday afternoon. They have yet to respond and the deposit deadline is this upcoming Wed. I figured they must be busy or overwhelmed so it might take some time. If I send in my deposit first, will the financial aid package come after? Thanks again for your help.

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This must be frustrating. I don’t know the answers to your questions. They have to send some sort of financial information and it obviously should come before you deposit. It looks like the deposit is non refundable. I would contact your AO rep and continue to try financial aid.

What is the general financial aid offered at GWU? Looks like it’s too expensive for OOS.

Curious if anyone who was ED for Merit / Presidential Scholarships?