GW Gradschool

<p>I’m looking to attend grad school for International Relations at GW in about two years and am looking for ways to boost my college resume to fit the wants/needs of the admissions office.</p>

<p>I am currently entering my junior year with a 3.3 GPA.
I plan on spending the next two years drastically attempting to improve my GPA.
I am the Student Government President at my University.
I plan on being fluent in at least 2 other languages other than English before I apply.
I have great connections within my community and University and hope to have excellent letters of recommendations.</p>

<p>What can I improve upon or do to increase my chances of getting into such a selective grad program?</p>

<p>Will my work within Student Government be relevant?</p>

<p>The GPA is the weakest point, as you know. It should reach a 4.0 the next two years, in good- not slacker- classes. Student councel is a plus, but graduate schools are for academics- stellar test scores and solid GPAs are a must.</p>

<p>Fluency, student counsel, etc. are a moot point, really. Forget that and focus on the GPA in good classes.
Your test scores better be amazing, as should you reason/personal statement of "why GW."
Take non-slacker summer school, get 4.0s. Take a few graduate classes, get 4.0s. Spend the next 2 years focusing on 4.0s, not student counsel or language learning. If you're into studying abroad, that couldn't hurt. If you have a relevant research opportunity, go for it.</p>

<p>Agree with gwgrad - GPA, GRE, Personal statement, Ltr's of Rec - in that order. If your GPA is a little low, make up for it with a good GRE. Tale a GRE prep course if needed.</p>

<p>Same holds if your thinking Law - good LSAT's are key.</p>