GW or AU

<p>I was recently accepted to GW the other day and after getting my financial aid package, it seems as though it will cost almost the same amount as if I were to attend AU. I’m going to major in political science. So, being that money is irrelevant in the comparison of the two schools, which school would you attend and why?</p>

<p>I would attend GWU. I visited and considered both schools. AU has a really nice campus in a nice location. It's not as urban feeling as GW, but isn't a dead feeling campus.</p>

<p>GW is very fast-paced and cosmopolitan. It's well-defined within Foggy Bottom, but it lacks a traditional campus like most colleges. It has a strong basketball team, and there's students everywhere on the sidewalks and within university cafeterias/recreational areas to make it feel more "campus-y." GW is closer to the action, being situated in bustling Foggy Bottom in between The White House and Dupont Circle. </p>

<p>Both schools offer great intenships due to great locations. GW is closer to most government buildings, though. Foggy Bottom is home to MANY lobbyists, The World Bank, The Mexican Embassy, The Int. Mon. Fund, and blocks from downtown(all the big stuff like the White House). GW is also very close to The Georgetown strip, which is awesome for shopping, restaurants, and night-life. AU is near Embassy Row, though, if I'm not mistaken.</p>

<p>I would go to GW. AU and GW are similar. GW is just ranked so much higher than AU that it would be tough to justify spending the same amount of money on it as GW. Don't get me wrong, AU has a nice name, but it's not at the level of GW. I would say the same thing if you were debating GW vs. Gtown. I would say that you should go to GT unless you got a cheaper deal at GW.</p>

<p>for poli sci, I would go with GW. for International Service/Relations/ Diplomacy/ Etc...I would stick to AU.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>i am going to AU so i'm sort of biased. i did apply to GW but i withdrew my app when i heard from AU early. I really don't like the fact that GW doesn't really have a campus. that is what really helped me make my choice- i didn't want somewhere without a real campus (like BU and NYU don't either). i think that both schools have great opportunities because of their locations. what size are you looking for? GW is bigger (i think) so if you want a bigger school/larger classes than go there. if you want a smaller school/smaller classes, choose AU. also see what school offers better programs for your majors. for me, AU was the better choice but GW is a good school too (just didn't fit what i was looking for as well)</p>

<p>I go to GW and I met some people through my GW roomie that go to AU. They love it and are happy with their decision. I am happy at GW. It just depends on personal preferences, etc. </p>

<p>GW is an incredible school with amazing opportunities with so much to do in the city. AU is not as well-situated within the city, but is in a nice area of NW DC. I consider GW and AU to be on the rise. I went on US news to compare the two schools side-by-side. Here's the results:</p>

<p>School George Washington University(DC) American University(DC)<br>
Public/Private Private Private<br>
Founded 1821 1893<br>
Religious Affiliation N/A United Methodist<br>
Total Undergraduates 10,436 5,752<br>
City/State Washington, DC Washington, DC<br>
Setting urban urban<br>
Distance from home (miles) N/A N/A<br>
Student-to-faculty ratio 14/1 15/1<br>
Full-time faculty 807 492<br>
Classes with under 20 students 50% 38%<br>
Classes with 50+ students 12% 4%<br>
Graduation rate* 75% 71%<br>
Private tuition and fees $30,820 $26,307<br>
Public in-state tuition and fees N/A N/A<br>
Public out-of-state tuition and fees N/A N/A<br>
Room/Board $10,210 $10,170<br>
Financial Aid*<br>
Students receiving:
Need-based grants 38% 36%<br>
Need-based self-help aid 35% 41%<br>
Percent of need that was met 94% 79%<br>
Average financial aid package $29,206 $24,370<br>
Average need-based grant $16,744 $12,699<br>
Average need-based loan $7,317 $7,454<br>
Selectivity most selective more selective<br>
Acceptance rate 39% 59%<br>
Number of applicants 18,442 10,282<br>
Average high school GPA N/A 3.4<br>
SAT/ACT (25/75 percentile) 1180-1370 1130-1320<br>
Student Satisfaction<br>
Freshman retention rate 92% 86%<br>
Alumni giving rate 25% 15%<br>
Student Body<br>
** yes yes<br>
Fraternity members 16% 14%<br>
Sorority members 13% 16%<br>
Students living off campus 32% 25%</p>

<p>GW <em>wins</em> in most categories. It seems to have smaller class sizes, and its 92% freshmen retention rate beats AU's 86%.</p>

<p>However, numbers aren't everything. I recommend visiting both campuses to make the right decision.</p>

<p>This is the link I got the graph from, but I'm not sure if it will work.</p>

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<p>i just went to an accepted students reception for AU and they said that its actually more then %86 for freshmen who return. that's kind of an old statistic. now its in the 90s.</p>

<p>So which campus has the better looking girls?

<p>AU!! haha because about 90% chance I'll be going there ;-)</p>

<p>AU or GW is a tough one, feeling definately plays into it though. (I'm a very biased AU student here) AU is it's own campus so that means you don't have fire trucks, police cars, street noise to deal with or motorcades slowing you down. Though it sounds cool to see motorcades, and it really is the first few times, it can get annoying as well. AU's rankings were mentioned as well, and we are ranked lower, but we did rise an incredible amount (8 spots) the previous year while GW was pretty much stationary. If you are looking at numbers, our numbers are lower historically, but they are rising at a pretty high clip.</p>

<p>My son is at AU, and is very happy there - he also has friends at GWU.</p>

<p>If you want to choose based on reputations and rankings, then GW has an edge, though I don't think it's as much of an edge as it used to be.</p>

<p>I think what's more important than rankings is deciding which is the right "fit" for you as an individual. When you see yourself in a college environment, what are you looking for? I agree that visiting both campuses would be helpful if that's possible.</p>

<p>Both schools have different "feels" - and only you can decide which you think you'd prefer. Some like the very active urban campus of GW where you are right in the midst of city life; others prefer the more suburban AU atmosphere that allows you to take advantage of the city while having a more traditional campus feel. </p>

<p>Good luck - both very good schools, and DC is a great city!</p>