GW Paris Scholars Program

I was denied from GW entirely, but I just received a pretty vague email saying I was being offered the “Paris Scholar Program”.
Basically it is a year at a school in France for a year, and then a guaranteed transfer sophomore year (as long as you maintain a 3.0 GPA, but from what I have read the academics are pretty lax). Has anyone else gotten into this program, and are you considering it? It is my top option excluding 3 wait lists and a deferral.

I’m currently in Paris for the Paris Scholars Program, only 13 students are in the program as well, so it’s a small group, but I do suggest thinking about taking the offer. PM me if you have any questions.

Hello - Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the program here (I cannot PM). Was it a good experience; do you recommend it? Pros and Cons?

@smack312 I absolutely loved the program, being in Paris is such an advantage in itself and the trips and experiences I had were absolutely unbelievable. Tbh I’m happy I spent my freshman year in Paris rather than at GWU. I would 100% recommend doing this experience. The only con is if you’re not used to traveling or living somewhere not in the United States it’s going to be difficult for you. You can go through culture shock and you could also just get depressed and not enjoy your time in Paris. Paris is extremely different than the US; the language, food, settling, and living standards. You just have to be prepared for such a change, but IMO it’s completely worth it and you should take this chance to learn and grow in Europe.

Hi! I’m currently a high school senior and I just got accepted into GWU’s PSP program! I’m really interested in it and am seriously considering it. If anyone has done it in the past, I’d love to chat with someone about it! How many GW kids are in it and is it mixed with students from other universities? Is it hard to meet people and were you able to find many people to socialize with?

Of course! Sorry it’s taken me some time to respond.

I’ve completed it with about 13 other people. Not many people are offered the program. The program is just for GWU kids but there are similar programs, such as USC Trojan Transfer and Tulane’s own transfer program. So you will attend AUP with AUP, Tulane, and USC students. Some of the USC students are there for a semester (like the Tulane students) or they’re there for the entire year.

I will say it’s somewhat difficult due to the overwhelming amount of USC students at the school, they’re quite cliquey. Thankfully, my roommates and other GWU PSP students got along well and I had a quality group of friends. It was also easy to meet other AUP students who were awesome!

If you have anymore questions DM me your insta/email and we can discuss more! I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have.